Install Latest HandBrake on Linux (no Flatpak)


The Flatpak builds of HandBrake are suboptimal for several reasons:

  • Default installation often points to an older version
  • Dark mode does not work with some versions
  • Flatpak dependencies require more than a gigabyte of storage

Having the latest version is important for AV1-SVT users. The new versions significantly improve its speed and quality. While the version issue appears to be fixed, it may not always stay that way.


You can build HandBrake quite easily:

  1. Visit the docs -> Current Release -> DEVELOPER DOCUMENTATION -> Building HandBrake for Linux.
  2. Choose the distro and install dependencies
  3. Go back and continue with the building tutorial

The GUI build will be generated to build/gtk/src under the name ghb.

Note: Do not pick the “HandBrake Latest” as this is the development build. Always pick “Current Release” for a stable build.

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