I’m a software engineer and the author of XL Converter.

For Employers

Tech Stack: Python, PyQt, ReactJS, TypeScript, Git, Linux
Area: Europe
English: C1 – C2



The website’s name is a reference to a song by my favorite band – Mili. The picture of Shaggy was painted by ReikoArt and is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

Endorsed Software

I just think it’s nice.


  • Obsidian.md – a robust note-taking software
  • VScodium – my code editor
  • KeePassXC – a password manager
  • Tutanota – email provider I use
  • YARR – a modern RSS reader
  • Qalculate! – it’s where I do my math
  • Signal – a messenger built for privacy


  • Linux Mint – My main OS after Windows 11 started requiring Microsoft account
  • Timeshift – system backup
  • Borg and Vorta Backup – file backup
  • PulseEffects – audio effects


  • Affinity Designer – my favorite graphic design program
  • Reaper.fm – powerful DAW
  • HandBrake – video transcoder with AV1 support


  • JPEG XL / AVIF – modern image formats
  • 7z (LZMA2) – archive format with best compression ratio


  • IPFS Desktop – decentralized way of sharing files
  • MultiPar – I use it for generating parity of 7z archives
  • Aegis Authenticator – open-source 2FA token manager