XL Converter

Powerful image converter for the latest formats with innovative features. It’s multi-threaded and supports drag ‘n drop.

Written in – Python and Qt6
License – GPLv3

XL Converter Docs

Fully-responsive online documentation for XL Converter with indexed search.

Written in – ReactJS, TypeScript, Python and SASS
License – GPLv3


A web-based drawing program for desktop, mobiles and graphic tablets.

Written in 2022
Written in – Pure JavaScript
License – MIT (Free and Open-Source)

Genshin Timer

A timer that calculates the refill time for resin in Genshin Impact. I wrote it in 2 afternoons.

Written in 2020
Written in – JavaScript and Bootstrap
License – MIT (Free and Open-Source)


A prototype of a chat application. May be useful as a reference.

Written in 2021
Written in – Python
License – MIT (Free and Open-Source)


My take on the classic Hangman written in objective C++. It features easily editable dictionary.

Written in 2018
Written in – C++
License – MIT (Free and Open-Source)